Home decor

Med style bathroom
Retrieved via Pinterest from http://accentsofsalado.blogspot.be/2009/06/july-monthly-specials-at-accents-of.html

I think my minor fascination with home decor and interior design started with The Sims. It was so easy to build fantastic houses with very expensive furniture with big gardens, and I have always taken that as a future dream – to have a lovely house with a lovely garden. Over the years I have collected some books on the topic and I’ve always joked that if I find myself unemployed in a couple of years I will retrain as an interior designer.

I am currently obsessed with the colour green. I have always liked plants and trees (well, that is my Veluwe heritage, mostly), but living in small rooms does not really provide an opportunity to include greenery in your furniture. This year I finally have a window sill, but so far my water cress died because it did not have enough seeds/ a big enough pot. I am considering buying a new plant soon, probably a lavender one.

Anyways, sometimes I come across images on Pinterest that I like a lot or that simply inspire me. The picture above is one of those. It has a very old world feel and I think it would be a lovely addition to any bathroom. That being said, it probably needs a window close to the sink, which some bathrooms simply do not have because they are put in the centre of the house. I would also wonder what to put in the pots themselves. Regardless of these critical reflections on the image, I think it would be a lovely idea and I might look into creating such an effect when I finally settle in something resembling an apartment. However, that might still be a long time away. Until that time, I will occasionally posting pictures like these on this blog.


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