A tiny bit infatuated with Evernote | Coding and grounded theory put into practice

I think I’m a little late to the party. Friends of mine have been using it for ages for class notes, for which I’d never seen the need because my use of MS Word and Dropbox or my OneDrive has been working beautifully for a long time. Truth be told, I only installed the programme last week after I read Ryan Holiday’s article on the commonplace book. As much as I love writing, these days I do most of my writing work on a computer and it makes sense I have the largest part of the commonplace book on my computer as well for easy access.

One week has been enough to make me “wax lyrical” about Evernote – as Teddy Kollek would say (although I’m not sure whether Israelis still would “wax lyrical” today at the mention of The Netherlands). Especially the Web Clipper feature has stolen my heart. I’m one of those people that has LOTS of tabs open at the same time – I intend to go back to each of them at a later time because the sites in question contain interesting information or articles, but somehow I always manage to open new ones. My friends make fun of my tab-craziness. Sometimes I spend multiple minutes closing tabs that are not relevant anymore. With Web Clipper, however, I can import these tabs into Evernote, make little notes alongside them, put them in a particular category of interest, cross-compare them to other information or websites, and I can close that tab in my browser. It is a dream come true.

Evernote Web Clipper

This is an example from my Business section, focusing for now on inequality (Piketty and such). I can refer to these articles and make little personal memos about them. Yes, I can even put some of my qualitative coding skills and grounded theory into practice – making memos, cross-comparing notions, coming to new insights (for more on this topic, I would recommend Saldaña’s “Coding Manual for Qualitative Researchers” or Charmaz’ “Constructing Grounded Theory: A Practical Guide through Qualitative Analysis”, both of which I read for research purposes and which have left me with a solid comprehension of the matter). It is absolutely brilliant.


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