Review – Bittersweet, Leuven


I recently realised that I had not actually bought any chocolates since coming to Belgium. As it was yet another rainy day and life recently has given me enough cause for celebration, I decided to treat myself to some chocolates. The only question was: where from? After a quick web search and a friend’s recommendation I decided to go to Bittersweet.

Bittersweet is located in a small alley next to Leuven’s City Hall. They have a variety of different flavours and they like experimenting with them in line with the seasons and whatever comes up in their mind – my friend raved about a Christmas-time glühwein praline for a while and apparently there was also a Dexter-themed one with white chocolate and blood orange filling for a while. It reminds me of my beloved Zeeuws Ministerie van Chocolade & Culinaire Zaken, who were also fond of experimenting. By the way, if you ever happen to find yourself in Middelburg, The Netherlands, this is my favourite out of the four local chocolate shops because of its variety (and the lovely owners).

The box I chose cost 7,50 and housed approximately fourteen chocolates, which is an excellent deal in my opinion. Some of the flavours I picked were Caramel & Sea Salt (my favourite since I had them at the Zeeuws Ministerie, where they are slightly better as the sea salt can still be felt on the tongue), Coffee & Citrus (lovely) and a Cosmopolitan. So far, I have not been disappointed and I will definitely return.

You can find Bittersweet at!


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