Movie Days

When seasons change, I’m bound to fall ill at some point. Normally I get away with a minor cold (autumn) and have two days of fever (winter). I was a bit surprised to get two full-on influenza periods this year, the second one being the last two days, but it is always a good excuse to lie in bed and watch television. Since I do not currently own a TV as I live abroad and have no cable connection in my ‘kot’, Netflix has been filling the void in between naps. Here’s the list of movies I watched (that had for the most part been on my to-watch list):

  • Moonrise Kingdom (IMDb rating: 7.8). I greatly enjoyed The Grand Budapest Hotel last year and wanted to see more of Wes Anderson’s work. This is also a little treasure of a movie, very enjoyable (although Jared Gilman’s voice does get grating after a while). It is very idiosyncratic, which I always find interesting – life is weird in little ways and that makes it delightful.
  • Superbad (IMDb rating: 7.6). Entertaining, mainly in its small moments. Only fell asleep twice, which had nothing to do with its entertaining value. I love how awkward Michael Cera is and McLovin’ is just classic. Typical review, let’s move on.
  • Vicky Cristina Barcelona (IMDb rating: 7.2). I can appreciate Woody Allen’s pretentiousness, but come on: “The GaudĂ­ Church”? Oviedo is situated in Catalonia? Is there a Master’s in Catalan Identity somewhere? (And where can I study it? Do they have castellers classes?) Why does no one even speak Catalan? (Sisplau?) At least Barcelona’s as pretty as ever to look at, even if it is actually featured very little. However, the acting is great and it is quite enjoyable if one disregards the above.
  • Lost in Translation (IMDb rating: 7.8). Quiet, lovely art house flick. The film’s message of enjoying whatever connection you have for whatever time you have – it can probably be phrased in a more poetic manner and others certainly have done so – is a great one. Absolutely beautiful. Watch it.
  • Rushmore (IMDb rating: 7.7). Very quirky and Max, played by Jason Schwartzmann, is a bit of a creepy kid now and then (especially during the bedroom scene with Ms Cross). It is entertaining, but seeing as this was my third Bill Murray film in a very short period, I should maybe have chosen another.

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