Nestpick and New Adventures

I am moving back to The Netherlands in June and I had a hard time finding a good, affordable place for the summer months, as I will be doing an internship in The Hague until the end of September, until I found Nestpick (I also tried other housing websites, friends and family and Facebook, but everything was either not available or quite expensive).

Nestpick is great in the sense that it serves as an extended form of AirBnB’s temporary housing. It includes an extensive description and a good overview of appliances available in the room, plus the website informs you of the exact availability of the room.

The only criticism I have is that 88 euros for putting two people into contact with each other is a bit much, but since Nestpick allows me to save a lot on housing costs. I will even have direct access to a laundry machine in the apartment, which delights me, as I’ve been living without one since September: Belgians always take their laundry home to their parents in the weekend and thus laundry machines are scarce. Friday afternoon and Sunday evening are known as ‘trolley times’, as all Belgians are walking with their trolleys to the train/bus station to go home. It really is a different experience to The Netherlands (although I’m told some people take their laundry home there as well).

Anyway, I’m now in contact with my new landlady and set to move to Benoordenhout in the beginning of June!


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