Day Zero Project: 101 Things in 1001 Days Challenge

Like many others, I have taken up the practice of bullet journalling because it is a handy tool and it helps me achieve my goals and complete my to do-lists, of which there have traditionally always been very many. But I was missing something for a long time – especially as I have had to do a complete overhaul of my future recently and now everything is possible again. I had problems with the future log because I have frankly no idea where I am going to be in two months’ time. It is a bit hard to plan accordingly, since the idea to just go off to France and become fluent in French has come up in my mind often in recent times.

In comes the Day Zero Project, which proposed a perfect resolution to all the nagging doubts in my head about a bucket list – because yes, of course I would like to go to New Zealand one day, but I’d rather do that at a point where I have the actual funds to do so and can share it with someone else. It is not something on my mind right now. I recently read a blog post wherein someone mentioned that everything she could possibly want in travelling was right around the corner in Europe: ice cream, sun, cheese and wine. I’d add churches and museums, personally.

Anyway, once I started crafting my own 101 Things in 1001 Days list, I of course found the first 50-odd goals not that hard to do, but afterwards it got harder. I did not want it to be a pointless exercise like ‘go to a movie alone’, because I have done that in the past and I will be very likely to do that in the future. The goal of such a list is to tug your boundaries a bit and explore unknown territory no, so as to grow as a person? Or am I being a bit too demanding as per usual? Other suggestions, such as ‘write something on a bathroom wall’, I just find plain vandalism and I do not see the added value of such an activity.

So here it goes:

Major life goals:
[1] Get a job [I did this a little sooner than I expected as luck was on my side].
[2] Take your mother to London and pay for everything
[3] Cover your debt
[4] Write and finish a story
[5] Put away 5 euros for every completed task – to be used towards a major life goal
[6] Start the ‘grown-up’ bullet journal in the Moleskine and copy the list
[7] Participate in NaNoWriMo

[8] Become fluent in a third language
[9] Learn French
[10] Find a new hobby
[11] Make a new friend
[12] Learn a new word everyday for a month
[13] Add 100 quotes to the commonplace book
[14] See 10 classic movies I have never seen
[15] See 10 IMDb Top 250 movies you have not seen
[16] Find a new band/musician you really like
[17] Read 100 books
[18] Ask 20 people to suggest a book and read them all
[19] Read 20 unread books that have been on your shelf for a medium- to long time
[20] Choose 5 countries and read a book by an author from each
[21] Read a book I started but never finished
[22] See FC Barcelona at Camp Nou
[23] Learn how to Viennese waltz
[24] Document one month of my life in photographs
[25] See a play
[26] Go to the opera
[27] Go to a concert
[28] See one of your musical heroes live [DAVID GILMOUR, 27/06/2016]
[29] Sing karaoke at a bar
[30] Go to a poetry reading
[31] Make a painting
[32] Complete a 4-star sudoku
[33] Laugh until you cry
[34] Grow huge sunflowers
[35] Take a ballet class
[36] Make a handmade gift for a friend
[37] Complete a DIY-project

[38] Get a manicure
[39] Dye your hair read
[40] Learn a new go-to hairstyle
[41] Buy a new lingerie set
[42] Get a massage
[43] Get a facial
[44] Get a pedicure

Life improvement:
[45] Disconnect for a week
[46] No alcohol for a month
[47] Stop plucking at my nails
[48] Volunteer
[49] 50 push-ups in one sitting
[50] Raise money for a charity
[51] Watch no TV for a week
[52] Buy a couch
[53] Get rid of 50 things
[54] Revive the blog as a chronicle
[55] Walk 30 mins everyday for a week
[56] Chronicle everyday for a month
[57] Collect 100 bottle caps for KNGF Geleidehonden yourself
[58] Collect a trash bag full of bottle caps for KNGF Geleidehonden
[59] Eat clean for a week
[60] Perform 10 random acts of kindness

[61] Eat at one of the Top 50 restaurants of the world
[62] Host a dinner party
[63] Make a custom recipe book
[64] Try a new flavour of ice cream
[65] Make my own chutney
[66] Grow a herb garden
[67] Make homemade pesto
[68] Surprise your mother with a three-course dinner
[69] Teach yourself five new desserts you really like
[70] Take a pintxo class in the Basque Country
[71] Go to a wine tasting
[72] Learn how to make barszsz
[73] Eat something hitherto unknown to you
[74] Make a homemade brunch
[75] Eat nothing but self-prepared food for a week

[76] Visit Bruges’ Chocolate Museum
[77] Visit the Atomium
[78] Visit ten UNESCO World Heritage Sites
[79] Go to Barcelona
[80] Make a list of 100 places I would like to visit in my lifetime
[81] Go to 5 different museums in 5 different cities
[82] Visit het Rijksmuseum
[83] See the Northern Lights
[84] Visit Wieliczka Salt Mine and Krakow
[85] Visit at least three new countries
[86] Visit a new city
[87] Visit Bremen
[88] Visit 10 churches you have not been to
[89] Visit a friend in a different country
[90] Go on a free walking tour

So that leaves #91-101 for a later date. I may need them as everything is changing rapidly and other things such as home improvement will inevitably come to the fore once I have an actual apartment.


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