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I was born in Apeldoorn, 'capital' of the beautiful Veluwe. I spent three years living and studying in Middelburg, The Netherlands before moving to Belgium to do my masters in EU External Relations at KU Leuven.

Day in Doesburg

Belgium had another national holiday this past Monday, and I went for a short while to my hometown. The weather on Monday was so nice we decided to go out for a little trip – originally to Loenen, but then we roadtripped a bit through the villages next to it, before we headed into Doesburg. I like Doesburg – it is beautiful, historic, but not overrun by tourists (unless you count the many cyclists that come out when the weather’s nice).

Oldest Dutch ‘beer house’ in Doesburg. Good beer selection and food. Lovely little town.

Sviridov – Waltz from ‘Snowstorm’

For some reason (read: not buying the WordPress plans), I can now not add YouTube videos directly to my blog posts anymore. It’s a shame, really. But at least I can still link the waltz that I wanted to share. Because I am learning how to Viennese waltz by myself (necessary life skills, obviously), I am listening to waltzes more often. This one by Sviridov is one of my new favourites. Other favourites include of course Khachaturian’s Masquerade Waltz and Shostakovich’ Waltz No.2 (that trombone part gets me every time).

Superfreakonomics notes

A while ago I bought Levitt & Dubner’s Superfreakonomics – I think in Maastricht’s Dominicanen bookstore (a must-visit if you like bookstores) and I finally got around to reading it last month because I wanted a change after re-reading the massive and epic War and Peace. It is thoroughly entertaining, and very informative at times. I have included some quotes below that have gone straight to my digital commonplace book.

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Reading and books update: August 2016

I’ve been doing some more reading in the past couple of weeks. I figured that I was behind on my Goodreads schedule and I was spending too much time watching Netflix (Misfits, Stranger Things, amongst others) without feeling very happy about it. Even the latter episodes of Game of Thrones failed to excite me much anymore this year – I just really wanted to see how Bran dealt with Hodor’s death and it wasn’t shown and that bugged me perhaps more than it should.

I also made the classic mistake of heading into Waterstones three Saturdays in a row this month. I don’t know what it is with book stores, but they seem to temporarily disable my otherwise over-active saving tendencies. There was also a buy 2 get the second one for half price deals and who can resist that when they are already inside a book store?

So which books did I buy?

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Day Zero Project: 101 Things in 1001 Days Challenge

Like many others, I have taken up the practice of bullet journalling because it is a handy tool and it helps me achieve my goals and complete my to do-lists, of which there have traditionally always been very many. But I was missing something for a long time – especially as I have had to do a complete overhaul of my future recently and now everything is possible again. I had problems with the future log because I have frankly no idea where I am going to be in two months’ time. It is a bit hard to plan accordingly, since the idea to just go off to France and become fluent in French has come up in my mind often in recent times.

In comes the Day Zero Project, which proposed a perfect resolution to all the nagging doubts in my head about a bucket list – because yes, of course I would like to go to New Zealand one day, but I’d rather do that at a point where I have the actual funds to do so and can share it with someone else. It is not something on my mind right now. I recently read a blog post wherein someone mentioned that everything she could possibly want in travelling was right around the corner in Europe: ice cream, sun, cheese and wine. I’d add churches and museums, personally.

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