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A little healthy treat


A little avocado goes a long way on a sunny day such as today. I paired it here with sesame seeds, some ground black pepper, Spanish dried peppers and Mallorcan sea salt Flor de Sal ‘d Es Trenc.

What can also be done with that sea salt, such as seen in Palma de Mallorca’s Simply Fosh: sea salt combined with other spices, such as curry or thyme and lavender, paired with extra vergine olive oil and some freshly baked bread. Simple, classic and effortlessly palate-pleasing.


Little moment of joy

I love to watch cooking shows – these people are so passionate about food and the food looks so great. I love to cook elaborately every now and then, but it has greatly diminished since I am sharing a kitchen with forty (loud) others and I’m therefore not able to enjoy it that much anymore. However, watching cooking shows with a nice glass of Pedro Ximénez and some Leonidas chocolates (it is almost as if the national board of my political youth organisation knew I wanted to try out more Belgian chocolates) is a real treat.

Italy – February 2015

These are only a couple of the pictures I took last week in Italy. The trip was meant as a celebration of travelling alone and the fact I was able to travel still, as I have absolutely no idea what my life will look like after I finish my internship on October 1st. I booked the tickets back in November – Rome was easily accessible with Ryanair, I always wanted to go to Bologna (it is a student city famous for its food, so no real surprises there) and Trieste ranked #1 on Lonely Planet’s 2012 list of “most unsung places”. I originally intended to go to Napels as well, but figured that there are limits on how much one can walk around and sit in trains whilst sleeping in hostels in a mere six days, so I abandoned that notion. I do intend to go there at some point (I have heard rumours about a Caravaggio church, so I NEED to go).

A couple of my experiences below:

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