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Trying out Fruit-Infused Water

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI should start this post by stating I do not like soda much as it makes me tired and bloated. After reading loads of articles – stemming from both my regular food research and magazines such as Vogue – I decided to give up drinking soda for a while and to see what happened. Normally, in those type of only-drinking-what-really-is-good-for-you type of fad drinking diets, it is recommended to only drink plain water and perhaps green tea. However, as I like my morning coffee, a cup of good warm tea and a nice glass of red wine / white wine / beer / cocktails / other forms of alcohol (responsibly) from time to time, this was not going to happen. Furthermore, as plain water often bores me, especially here in Belgium where it is much harder than the soft natural water of my beloved hometown, I looked for a beverage that would have the same amounts of pure, ‘good’ H20 but better-tasting.

Fruit-infused water was a perfect solution. Not only could it motivate me to drink more water, but it also meant I would effectively consume more fruit (which I do not always do too well) and it looked pretty.

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