Beer, more ale and that fast
pronounciation of yours
The illegal part
of town, cups of tea, decked in black

The winds of summer, bike proficient,
numbers were your colours
And I, hard-spoken, fleeing

Pebbles to the water.


On minimalism and clutter

These days a lot is being written about the notion of minimalism, living in a space without too much personal belongings or clutter. Whilst I understand the philosophy behind it – cleanliness is supposed to be a sign of a sound mind – I own too much kitchen stuff alone because cooking and producing good food relaxes me and makes me happy. For a while now, I have been considering doing the ‘Throw 100 items away’ challenge and it will probably happen when I move later this month. That being said, I may just be one of those people for whom minimalism will never work.

As a student, I work, sleep and eat in the same room. At the same time, I’m also one of those people that focus on one task and manage to completely disregard whatever state the surroundings are in, as opposed to some of my friends, who always clean before working. In busy times, this often leads to a messy living space. Perhaps this will change when my work area will be separated from my living area. However, part of me will always tend to agree with Anne Lamott when it comes to minimalism and clutter:

Clutter and mess shows us that life is being lived… Tidiness makes me think of held breath, of suspended animation… Perfectionism is a mean, frozen form of idealism, while messes are the artist’s true friend. What people somehow forgot to mention when we were children is that we need to make messes in order to find out who we are and why we are here.

Hi, I'm Charlotte – and every day I like to 'live little dreams': whether that is enjoying life, developing skills, sampling food or dreaming about the future. On this blog I'd like to regularly share with you what keeps my mind occupied.