Home decor

Med style bathroom
Retrieved via Pinterest from http://accentsofsalado.blogspot.be/2009/06/july-monthly-specials-at-accents-of.html

I think my minor fascination with home decor and interior design started with The Sims. It was so easy to build fantastic houses with very expensive furniture with big gardens, and I have always taken that as a future dream – to have a lovely house with a lovely garden. Over the years I have collected some books on the topic and I’ve always joked that if I find myself unemployed in a couple of years I will retrain as an interior designer.

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Italy – February 2015

These are only a couple of the pictures I took last week in Italy. The trip was meant as a celebration of travelling alone and the fact I was able to travel still, as I have absolutely no idea what my life will look like after I finish my internship on October 1st. I booked the tickets back in November – Rome was easily accessible with Ryanair, I always wanted to go to Bologna (it is a student city famous for its food, so no real surprises there) and Trieste ranked #1 on Lonely Planet’s 2012 list of “most unsung places”. I originally intended to go to Napels as well, but figured that there are limits on how much one can walk around and sit in trains whilst sleeping in hostels in a mere six days, so I abandoned that notion. I do intend to go there at some point (I have heard rumours about a Caravaggio church, so I NEED to go).

A couple of my experiences below:

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First dream: realisation

I have long doubted whether to start a blog. These days we are bombarded with all forms of information about people and things, whether it is in the news, Facebook or ThoughtCatalog. I like that we are busy with trying to connect to the world and to each other, but at the same time I would like to refrain myself from oversharing or confronting others with what keeps me busy.

However, I do think blogs are a useful tool to reflect on one’s life and share the everyday moments that make life so enjoyable. I will therefore occasionally be posting what I refer to as ‘my little dreams’, the moments that make me happy, the thoughts that pop up and what keeps me busy and driven.

I am blogging to share and learn, maybe even a little bit about myself. I would like to take this opportunity to share a plethora of interests – whether that is music, books, food, fashion or art.

Hi, I'm Charlotte – and every day I like to 'live little dreams': whether that is enjoying life, developing skills, sampling food or dreaming about the future. On this blog I'd like to regularly share with you what keeps my mind occupied.