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Superfreakonomics notes

A while ago I bought Levitt & Dubner’s Superfreakonomics – I think in Maastricht’s Dominicanen bookstore (a must-visit if you like bookstores) and I finally got around to reading it last month because I wanted a change after re-reading the massive and epic War and Peace. It is thoroughly entertaining, and very informative at times. I have included some quotes below that have gone straight to my digital commonplace book.

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Reading and books update: August 2016

I’ve been doing some more reading in the past couple of weeks. I figured that I was behind on my Goodreads schedule and I was spending too much time watching Netflix (Misfits, Stranger Things, amongst others) without feeling very happy about it. Even the latter episodes of Game of Thrones failed to excite me much anymore this year – I just really wanted to see how Bran dealt with Hodor’s death and it wasn’t shown and that bugged me perhaps more than it should.

I also made the classic mistake of heading into Waterstones three Saturdays in a row this month. I don’t know what it is with book stores, but they seem to temporarily disable my otherwise over-active saving tendencies. There was also a buy 2 get the second one for half price deals and who can resist that when they are already inside a book store?

So which books did I buy?

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On reading

I love that it is possible to put Goodreads as a widget in the sidebar of this blog (the top column is the books I am currently reading, the bottom one is the books I have most recently read). I am one of those people that reads multiple books at the same time. It is like the great Rory Gilmore said:

…sometimes if I’m on the bus and I pull out a biography and I think to myself, ‘Well, I don’t really feel like reading about a person’s life right now’ then I’ll switch to the novel, and then sometimes if I’m not into the novel, I’ll switch back

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