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Day in Doesburg

Belgium had another national holiday this past Monday, and I went for a short while to my hometown. The weather on Monday was so nice we decided to go out for a little trip – originally to Loenen, but then we roadtripped a bit through the villages next to it, before we headed into Doesburg. I like Doesburg – it is beautiful, historic, but not overrun by tourists (unless you count the many cyclists that come out when the weather’s nice).

Oldest Dutch ‘beer house’ in Doesburg. Good beer selection and food. Lovely little town.

Italy – February 2015

These are only a couple of the pictures I took last week in Italy. The trip was meant as a celebration of travelling alone and the fact I was able to travel still, as I have absolutely no idea what my life will look like after I finish my internship on October 1st. I booked the tickets back in November – Rome was easily accessible with Ryanair, I always wanted to go to Bologna (it is a student city famous for its food, so no real surprises there) and Trieste ranked #1 on Lonely Planet’s 2012 list of “most unsung places”. I originally intended to go to Napels as well, but figured that there are limits on how much one can walk around and sit in trains whilst sleeping in hostels in a mere six days, so I abandoned that notion. I do intend to go there at some point (I have heard rumours about a Caravaggio church, so I NEED to go).

A couple of my experiences below:

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