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Movie Days

When seasons change, I’m bound to fall ill at some point. Normally I get away with a minor cold (autumn) and have two days of fever (winter). I was a bit surprised to get two full-on influenza periods this year, the second one being the last two days, but it is always a good excuse to lie in bed and watch television. Since I do not currently own a TV as I live abroad and have no cable connection in my ‘kot’, Netflix has been filling the void in between naps. Here’s the list of movies I watched (that had for the most part been on my to-watch list):

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Review – Bittersweet, Leuven


I recently realised that I had not actually bought any chocolates since coming to Belgium. As it was yet another rainy day and life recently has given me enough cause for celebration, I decided to treat myself to some chocolates. The only question was: where from? After a quick web search and a friend’s recommendation I decided to go to Bittersweet.

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